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Iguana Caresheet



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Scientific Name: Iguana iguana
Distribution: Mexico to Southern Brazil
Climate: Semi- Tropical to Tropical
Size: Average 4- 6 feet
Temperment: Generally tame but can be aggressive
Hardiness: Very hardy in captivity


Special Considerations:
Iguanas get large. They will require a enclosure approx. 72"X30"X48". Some iguanas never tame down. They can be great pets for the right person. Babies have a high demand for calcium. Dust their vegetables with calcum daily for the first two years than twice a week there after. Avoid large amounts of spinach, it binds calcium. See vegetable list for a complete diet. Young iguanas require a bright hot basking area in the upper 90's. Hot rocks are dangerous and can burn reptiles. It is natural for an iguana to climb towards the heat. An iguana can only sence heat from above not on its belly. Most iguana enclosures require 2 or more heat lamps, one for the hot basking area and one on the cooler side to make sure the temperature does not fall below the high 70's

Housing: Babies should have 30 gal. terrariums minimum.
Lighting: Full spectrum lighting is critical to the maintenance of this species.
Heating: Use ceramic or incandescent bulbs.
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime: 80 - 88
Nightime: 75 - 82
Basking temp: 95- 100 degrees
Humidity: moderate
Water: Provide a large shallow bowl of water.
Food: See vegetable list
Calcium/ Vitamins: Babies: once a day.
Adults: twice per week.

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