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Whiskers, Wings & Wiggly Things
Furry Friends

Here, you can find photos of some of the small animals available in our store.  If you would like more information on the animals pictured, or would like to know what other small animals are available in our store, please contact us at: 707-568-1447, or email us at  

Teddy Bear Hamsters $6.99
Click here for larger pic
Smile for the camera!!!

Click for more pics:  Hamster pic 1    Hamster pic 2

Baby Rats $5.99
Click here for larger pic
How Cute!!

Click for more pics:  Rat pic 1    Rat pic 2

Baby Guinea Pigs $14.99
Click here for larger pic
Make Great Pets!!

Rodent Caresheets


Hamsters $6.99
Hamsters are a small, friendly, rodent that make a great pet for most anyone.  They are inexpensive to setup and easily cared for.  If you are interested in making a hamster a part of your family, or would like more information, please contact us at 707-568-1447 or come into our shop. 

Baby Rats $5.99
Rats are fun, intelligent animals, that make fun and adventurous pets.  They are sure to bring you plenty of joy and excitement.  If you would like to make a rat a part of your family, please contact us at 707-568-1447, or stop in our shop at 1009 West College Ave. In the G&G shopping center.

Guinea Pigs $14.99
Guinea Pigs are very sweet, shy animals that make good pets for most people.  Their care is very simple and they love affection.  If you are interested in purchasing a Guinea Pig, or would like more information, please stop in our store or give us a call at 707-568-1447.



Guinea Pig Caresheet

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