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Whiskers, Wings & Wiggly Things
Start Out Right With A Complete Leopard Gecko Setup

Complete Leopard Gecko

Startup Kit



Baby Leopard Gecko

(reg. priced $39.99)

Over $20 in savings!

Comes complete with everything you need

to get started!!!

Kit includes:

~ Baby Leopard Gecko

~ 10 gallon aquarium

~ Screen top with door

~ 8"  Reflector lamp

~ 25 watt black heat bulb

~ Coconut dome home

~ 5lbs. Calci Sand substrate

~ Rep-Cal vitamin powder

~ Rep-Cal calcium powder



~ Small Sandblasted Grapevine

~ Medium waterdish

~ AVS Leopard Gecko book

~ Aquarium backround

~ High range thermometer

Regular Price: $144.05



 If you are interested in purchasing a Complete Leopard Gecko Setup or would like more information, please come in our shop at 1009 West College Ave. or call us at


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