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Rose Hair Tarantula Caresheet

Rose Tarantulas

Scientific Name: Grammostola gala
Distribution: Chile
Climate: Mediterranean
Size: 3" - 4"
Temperament: Usually calm
Hardiness: Hardy


Special Considerations:
Keep individually, Always provide a hiding place. The ideal enclosure should have two hiding spots, one kept dry and one with some wet moss for humidity. If it is too dry when a Tarantula is about to molt, they can die. A humid burrow aids in their molting process. Heat pads can dry out and kill Tarantulas. ALWAYS use caution when handling tarantulas. Some people can have bad reactions to a bite.

Housing: 5 gal. or larger
Lighting: Room light is fine
Heating: Low wattage nocturnal bulb usually 15-25 watt
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime temp: 75 - 84
Nighttime temp: 70 - 75
Humidity: Low
Water: Shallow bowl with damp cotton or sponge
Food: Crickets, worms, pink mice


Not needed

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