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Emperor Scorpion Caresheet

Emperor Scorpions


Scientific Name: Pandinus imperator
Distribution: Togo, Ghana W.Africa
Climate: Forest
Size: Average 4- 6 inches
Temperment: Tame if handled gently
Hardiness: Hardy in captivity


Special Considerations:
Do not over feed. One cricket or soft body worm (wax, butter) twice a week is fine. Emperor scorpions can be housed in groups, occasionally cannibalism can occur.

Housing: 10 gal.
Lighting: Glows under flourescent light.
Heating: We use T-Rex incandescent bulbs usually 25 - 40 watt.
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime temps:78- 85
Nighttime temps: 74 - 80
Water: Provide shallow dish of water.Keep areas of moist moss
Food: 1 cricket or soft body worm 2x per week
Calcium N/A

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