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Veiled Chameleon Caresheet

Veiled Chameleons


Scientific name: Chamaeleo calyptratus
Distribution: Yemen, Southern Saudi Arabia
Climate: Arid, hot.
Size: Males 12- 19 in
Females 8- 12 in
Temperment: Shy animals
Hardiness: Very hardy


Special Considerations:
Chameleon are shy animals that do not enjoy handling. provide plenty of climbing areas and lots of foliage for hiding.

Housing: Large screen cages.
Lighting: UVB flourescent lighting is crucial to health of these animals.
Heating: Use ceramic or incandescent bulbs of appropriate wattage
Temperature: 80- 85 degrees ambient
95- 110 degrees basking
Water: Dripping water
Food: Small to medium crickets, wax worms, butterworms
Calcium/ Vitamins: dust crickets 2x week for adults and verey other feeding for babies and juveniles

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