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Leopard Gecko Caresheet

Leopard Geckos


Scientific Name: Eublepharus Macularius
Distribution: Pakistan
Climate: Desert
Size: 6" - 7"
Temperment: Usually tame
Hardiness: Very hardy


Special Considerations:
Adult males can fight if kept together. Do not keep babies under 5" on sand due to the possibility of impaction. Carpet, though ugly, is safe for babies. Adults can be kept in colonys with one male and 6 females. Always provide a hiding spot, 2 is better if keeping multiple animals.They are nighttime feeders. At night, you must keep the enclosure in the upper 70's to low 80's for them to eat and digest.

Housing: 10 gal. terrarium.
Lighting: Room light is fine but flourescent help with the natural day/night cycle. Helps with emotional stability and keeps the color true. UV lighting is not required for calcium absorption.
Heating: We use T-Rex nocturnal bulbs usually 25 - 75 watt.
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime temp: 80 - 90
Basking temp: 85 - 95
Nighttime temp: 75 - 82
Humidity: Low
Water: Provide a small shallow dish.
Food: Babies: 3-4 sm. crickets 1x daily.
Adults: 3-4 med. crickets every other day.
Calcium Babies: calcium every feeding.
Adults: calcium 2x per week.

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