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Red Ear Slider Caresheet

Red Eared Sliders

Scientific Name: Trachemys scripta elegans
Distribution: From Indiana to New Mexico & South to Mexico
Climate - Habitat: Ponds or Marshes
Size: 5" - 8"
Temperment: Curious and Friendly
Hardiness: Very Hardy if properly maintained

Special Considerations:
Red eared sliders are not legal for sale under 4". These animals require lighting, heating and good filtration for maintaining proper health. The little turtle that you or your parents used to keep as kids have more care needs than people believe. Because of this most of the babies never reach adult size.

Housing: 20 - 60 gal aquairium
Lighting: Flourescent UVB lighting is required
Heating: Incandescent bulbs ranging from 60 to 150 watts for basking.
A water heater may be needed in some homes.
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime: 85 - 88
Water: Duh!
Food: Floating food sticks or guppies and goldfish

Cacium/ Vitamins


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