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Rosy Boa Caresheet

Rosy Boas
Scientific Name: Lichanura trivagat sp.
Distribution: Various
Climate: Desert
Size: About 3 feet
Temperment: Mild Tempered
Hardiness: Very Hardy
Photos:  l

Special Considerations:
Rosy Boas will regurgitate if exposed to water during feeding times. It is best to remove the water bowl 2 days before and for 2 days following feeding.

Housing: 10- 20 gal. terrarium
Lighting: N/A
Heating: Incandescent bulbs
Temperature/ Humidity: 80- 82 degrees ambient with a pad heater for digestion
Water: Remove water for 2 days before and after feeding
Food: Feed babies 1x per week 1 pinkie
Cacium/ Vitamins: N/A

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