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Red Tailed Boa Caresheet

Red Tail Boas


Scientific Name: Boa constrictor, constrictor
Distribution: South America (Columbia)
Climate: Tropical Forest
Size: Males 5' -6'feet
Females 7' - 9"
Max 16'
Temperment: Usually Mild Tempered
Hardiness: Very hardy in captivity


Special Considerations:
If kept in groups, always seperate bofore feeding. We individually paper bag feed our Boas. Hatchling Boas will feed on hopper mice. Pinky mice are too small for a baby Boa.


Housing: 20 gal. for babies & 6' x 3' x 3' for adults.
Lighting: Use flourescent bulbs for psycological benefits.
Heating: We use T-Rex nocturnal blubs usually 50 - 100 watt
Temerature/ Humidity: Daytime temp: 85 degrees
Basking temp: 90-95 degrees
Humidity: moderate
Water: Provide a bowl big enough for the snake to soak.
Food: Feed babies 1x per week, adults 1x every 2 weeks.
Calcium N/A (Boas recieve calcium from the bones of their food.)

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