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Water Dragon Caresheet

Water Dragons

Scientific Name: Physignathus cocincinus
Distribution: Thailand, southern China
Climate: Tropical
Size: Males up tp 3 feet
Temperment: Very Docile
Hardiness: Very Hardy


Special Considerations:
Water Dragons require large enclosures to maintain good mental stability. If they are denied the extra space they will ram their faces into the glass causing wounds that will lead to Stomatitis (Mouth Rot)

Housing: 40 - 60 gal for a pair
Lighting: Flourescent is required
Heating: Incandescant or ceramic usually 100 - 150 watt
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime: 84 - 88
Nighttime: 75 - 80
Water: Large water bowl for soaking
Food: Sm. - med. crickets and worms
offer finely chopped vegitables

Cacium/ Vitamins

supplement every other feeding

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