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Bearded Dragon Caresheet

Bearded Dragons

bearded dragon picture


Scientific Name: Pagona vitticeps
Distribution: Inland Austrailia
Climate: Arid Grasslands
Size: 18 inches
Temperment: Usually Very Tame
Hardiness: Hardy if properly maintained


Special Considerations:
Baby Bearded Dragons can and do get impacted on a variety of beddings. Your safest bedding is carpet. This should be used until the dragon is 6 inches or larger.


Feeding: Baby Bearded will attempt to eat a cricket that is too large to safely consume. Never feed crickets larger than 1/2 the size of the dragons head. It's better for them to eat 4 or 5 small crickets than 2-3 mediums. Feeding crickets that are too large can lead to spinal chord and liver damage and even death. NEVER feed baby dragons mealworms. Adult dragons can eat them but the babies can die. Seperate any dragon that seems to be getting out competed for food. They will certainly die if left in the group.

Water: Just like a cat want's to drink from a dripping faucet, Baby dragons are also attracted to moving water. They must be offered moving water especially after they are shipped. Shipping dehydrates all reptiles (and people).

Housing: 20 gal. for babies & 40 to 60 gal for adults.
Lighting: Use UVB emitting bulbs such as Repti-Sun 5.0 flourescent or Active Heat Mercury Vapor
Heating: We use T-Rex incandescent or Pearlco ceramic bulbs.
Temperature/ Humidity: Daytime temp: 80 - 88
Basking temp: 95 to 100
Nighttime temp: 75 - 80
Humidity: low
Water: Use a Dripper or Bubbler Bowl, especially for babies.
Food: Small or Medium Crickets for babies and juveniles 2x a day. Offer dark greens 3x per week.
Calcium/ Vitamins Use Minerall 1x a day for babies & 3x per week adults.

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